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Spring & Summer Spicy Flavors

As 2021 winter storms are kicking our butts, just know warmer weather is on its way.

In a few weeks we will start getting warmer and warmer days. Things you enjoyed last year may still be around but expect twists to old favorites. Every year/season fashion changes with the weather and trends. Our choice of garments naturally changes too and so will our choice of culinary favorites. Yes! Your culinary choices changes too, and many times you didn't even realize it until it already happened. In the world of FLAVORS our eyes work closely with our tastebuds and a great presentation tends to influence us to try a new product. For most of us anyway! Every year there's some new (or new to you) experience in the world of SPICY FLAVORS. Peppers, Herbs and Spices are no different.

We're seeing conversations about new ways to bring flavors to Habanero, Chamoy , Ghost Pepper, Guajillo, Gochujang, Nashville Hot, Chipotle, and Carolina Reaper Pepper products. Not just in sauces, expect to see more edibles with a variety of Peppery species.

The Spicy & Sweet.

Old favorites will remain popular. You'll still find “Sweet brown and sweet yellow flavors with your fiery favorites. But be ready for some new twists and totally new ideas in the world of spicy and sweet flavors. One category we see most of the change will certainly be the spicy sweet arena. But we don't know for certain. Big things happened at the last pepper conference, unfortunately, 2020 interrupted many plans, but the chatter about new flavors are flowing again. Expect to see spicy in more candies, jellies, relishes, pastries, sweet deserts and even in a creamy spicy salsa. We think the world of Spicy flavors is evolving right before our eyes. The next few months to warmer weather will be interesting as more and more products hits the shelves.

The future promises to be very exciting for spicy flavor lovers.




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