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When A Plant You Care For Dies

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Growing healthy peppers can be disappointing some times. After caring for a plant, and making sure they are watered and fed and safe from bugs you get attached to her. Some of us affectionately call our plants our baby or her. Don't laugh at us, we feel responsible and bonded to our plants. Even though they may be the same species, we tend to see them as individuals. Believe it or not every plant is different when you consider their needs, location and even growth. When you prune and weed around roots and do what's necessary for that plant to grow healthy you begin to form a sense of individualism for each plant. When one dies it hurts cause it's a living thing you were caring for.

Some people feel like a failure because in the beginning they intended to care for and nurture this living thing. In many cases a plant is right in the home with you or close to your desk at work or just outside your home. You acknowledge the living creature and assume some sort of responsibility for it. It really can be a bummer when something you care for dies. I think people get even more attached when a plant bares fruit, flowers or puts out fragrances. Even if your plant is just a good looking plant decorating your surroundings, it actually brings something to your life and environment.

Just this morning my pepper trees gave me these peppers and I thanked them. I care for my plants, a sick plant gives me nothing. A dying plant cause me to look for the reason and try to correct it.

Regardless of why the plant died, the loss felt is real. Grieving for dying plants, and grief in general, is different to everyone. Some take it harder than others, and that’s okay. There’s no one size fits all. And for anyone laughing, consider this – gardening, or just being around plants, has been proven as therapeutically beneficial. It’s great physically, emotionally and psychologically. Why then is it so difficult to believe that losing a plant wouldn’t have some effect as well?

When all you've tried and your baby still dies a void is created in your environment and heart. I don't expect you to cry but something you cared for has died, it requires a certain amount of your concern. YES or NO? Some call it MOURNING! Believe it or not you should let yourself mourn the loss of a plant. There is a healthy way to greave. Just try to learn and do better, if you paid attention to what you did and the specific needs of the specific plant you're in a good place. Did you do the best job possible? Was it in the best environment for growth and survivability? Did you put it there? Did you take time to read up on the plants needs? If answered yes to most of these questions and your plant still died then maybe you have to understand that even you can not control life. Mourn your plant and move on my friend.

Try again and make sure you know all you can about growing a healthy plant. Don't feel crazy by talking to them either, its healthy and helps you bond and care more for the living thing in you care. Don't stop, keep growing plants and let them enhance your life with what they have to offer.




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